Its all about the love; and the pictures we create with it.

I am a conduit for love. There is something about love that entrances me, and allows me to enter a place of complete centeredness. Maybe some call that being a hopeless romantic, but I think it just perfectly describes where I feel most at home, and where I feel most myself. The best feeling, action, or gift I could ever give or receive would be love.

I may be super mushy gushy, but I’m also sassy, fun, and always ready to lay down the jokes. I love flexing every ounce of creative muscle I have if given the chance. My ultimate goal is to develop long lasting relationships with my clients knowing that we can both trust each other with this fun, and yet delicate task. I enjoy working with people who are similar to me. I work seamlessly with free spirits, ready to live in the moment, being the most real and authentic versions of themselves; and taking me a long for the ride.

Photographing memories, moments, feelings, and being able to give them to you in a way that makes you savor the moment for a lifetime is a blessing to me. If you choose to work with me please be ready for the showering of love, laughter, and maybe some crazy talk about crystals.

Love you guys.

-Chelsea Briggs