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Moving Mountains

Mindset is huge here, folks. This was literally a turning point for me. I wasn't afraid to be left behind, but I was definitely fearful of failing. If I couldn't change my mindset, gather my breathing, and push forward, I wasn't going to make it. Only about a million things went through my head at this point. "What was I doing?" "Why was I climbing a fucking mountain?" "Why did I let my dumb ass get so out of shape?" "Who do I even think I am right now?" This thought process was SO destructive, and there is nothing about this way of thinking that leads to any type of positive outcome. In an instant, I had to reach deep down inside me and let go of my EGO. I had to remind myself that sometimes slow and steady wins the race, that it's okay that I'm struggling because I'm here now and I'm making changes. I had to remind myself that flowers do not grow without first having to push through the pressure of the rocky, cold hard earth.

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