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The Beginning

A little about myself, now that I've dragged you through emotional turmoil to get to this point, my name is Chelsea.  I have a 3-year-old daughter, a husband who is emotionally opposite of myself, two cats that are more trouble than cuddly, and a cute little home built in the 70's that still reflects the 70s' (wood paneling and all).  I started writing "I am a wife, a mom" blah blah blah, but then I realized I don't feel like those are the pieces of me that make me who I am.  That might be uncomfortable for some of you mommas and wifeys out there. That's fine, you can be defined by whatever you want to be defined by, but for me, the pieces that make Chelsea, Chelsea, are the things that make me feel human.  So if I were to write anything that started with "I am" it would look like this: I am a conduit for love. I am a giver, a believer, a dreamer.  I am an artist of all mediums.  I am a feeler.  

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