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Moving Mountains

Mindset is huge here, folks. This was literally a turning point for me. I wasn't afraid to be left behind, but I was definitely fearful of failing. If I couldn't change my mindset, gather my breathing, and push forward, I wasn't going to make it. Only about a million things went through my head at this point. "What was I doing?" "Why was I climbing a fucking mountain?" "Why did I let my dumb ass get so out of shape?" "Who do I even think I am right now?" This thought process was SO destructive, and there is nothing about this way of thinking that leads to any type of positive outcome. In an instant, I had to reach deep down inside me and let go of my EGO. I had to remind myself that sometimes slow and steady wins the race, that it's okay that I'm struggling because I'm here now and I'm making changes. I had to remind myself that flowers do not grow without first having to push through the pressure of the rocky, cold hard earth.

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Stop Denying

Maybe the experiences we have in life that knock us down slowly take away our joy.  Then, if we don’t have the tools to heal ourselves we just keep forging forward without trying to get back to the place that initially made us so happy.  I get so juiced up when people tell me their passions and what their “dream job” or life would look like.  Then, inevitably, just as fast as they have spoken joy, I hear them say “but that will never happen.”  I want to grab a megaphone and shout in their faces “why the hell not?!” Honestly, the only person holding you back from achieving your goals and working your dream job (purpose) is you.  I know this may be painful to hear, but I was in that EXACT situation where I believed I couldn’t make my dreams come true.  The thing is, you have to be ready to stop accepting that your current situation and past does not have to define you, and then admit that living your purpose is not just a possibility but a reality.  It takes a lot of inner work, but one of the ways that I like to start off beginning that work is to "stop denying" and answer some questions about yourself.

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